Friday, October 17, 2008

Some installation help

NOTE: This post contains outdated information.  Installation instructions are now included with the UI.

Now that I have a (still sort of rough) version of the UI up for download on WoWInterface, maybe some of you would like to know how to make it look like it should. The basic issue, as far as I can tell, comes from the fact that many new addons (particularly those based on the Ace3 libraries) don't start up with a sensible default configuration. I'm going to get a little technical here, but I figure that kinda goes with the territory for a custom UI discussion, so we'll just dive right in.

Most of you probably know about WoWAce and their wonderful libraries. They've made it easy for developers to create lightweight, fast addons that are skinnable and have a high degree of customizability. To keep configurations consistent between characters and servers, they use a profiling mechanism. In the old days of Ace2, most addons start off with a Default profile that's used for every character. The nice thing about this is that once you've configured an addon, you don't have to mess with it again. As you can expect, this is really helpful when you're packaging up a UI for others to use.

Well, this has changed with Ace3. Now, when you open up your UI with a new character, the addons will have created a new profile from some internal default settings. If you want the settings from another toon, you have to copy them to the new profile on the new toon.

You can, however, also simply switch the profile to Default. I think I now have a sensible Default profile for all of the addons that matter. So here's what you need to do:
  1. Copy over the UI files as described in the README.txt file included with the UI, renaming and backing things up accordingly
  2. When you open up your new UI for the first time, things will probably look like a mess. The first thing you should do is configure addons to use the defaults.
  3. Hit ESC, and then click on the "Interface" button, and then the "AddOns" tab. You will now see a list with many of the addons in it. Look for the configuration parts for the following addons: Recount, ClassTimer, and Omen. Each of these should have an option called "Profiles," you may have to click the plus sign by the addon name to open up the rest of the options
  4. For each addon listed above, do the following: click "Profiles," then click the area that shows the current profile. Switch this to "Default" in the list it gives.
  5. Do the same for the rest of the addons I listed. You should also look at the SCT profiles, and copy over the "Daedhir-Duskwood" profile to the current one you're using.
  6. ???
  7. Profit
Most of the stuff should be out of the way now. You should reload your UI. An easy way to do this is to Shift-Left Click the BugSack icon on the FuBar on top of the screen.

This should at least give you a default layout. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post if anything here is wrong or confusing.


Anonymous said...

This is going to make me sound like a complete idiot, but the addons in general are working perfectly. My only problem is, I'm not real sure on how to... resize the layout to fit my 1280x1024 screen size. I know I know, poor people don't have a say.

But just a little bit of help would be great. -.-

Daedhir said...

The biggest issue is going to be moving the eePanels and Dominos bars. eePanels2 has a configuration you can access by right clicking the FuBar and choosing eePanels2 from the drop down list. The Chat, Combat, and Bar panels are the ones you'll have to unlock, and then you can drag them anywhere on the screen.

You can then drag your chat boxes to fit in the panels.

Dominos has config options that you can access by ESC - Interface - Addons, click the "config mode" button and it will unlock all of the bars.

Anonymous said...

That helped out immensely. Been moving things around, your UI is amazing. Thanks so much for uploading it and helping out.

illutionz said...

Mine is fully configured except one thing... the mail icon doesn't appear when I got a new mail. Any ideas, Daedhir?

Thanks 1000000000x for your UI!!!


Daedhir said...

Hmm, I think you can enable the mailbox icon on the minimap through the Squeenix settings.. don't remember how you access those, I think it's through the Ace2 config like eePanels2 and such.

If it's not there, check the Blizzard addon config area. And as a last resort, try typing /squeenix

I don't use the mailbox icon.. I use my mail to store stuff too much for that, my box is almost always full.

By the way, I'm always interested in seeing photos of what you all are doing with my UI. Maybe I can get some ideas from y'all too! So post links to pics in the comments. :)

Anonymous said...

I got everything working except for the 3d toon panels and the background panel for them.

They aren't showing up. /zmc doesn't work either and i can't find the panel backs in eepanels. =/

Daedhir said...

If the 3d frames don't show up, neither will the associated panels. They show/hide with the frames they're attached to.

Check something for me please.. Do you have both ZuxanaModelCitizen and ZMobDB enabled in the Addons screen before you log in? If not, please enable them.

And if they are enabled, I really don't understand why "/zmc config" doesn't work..

Anonymous said...

Yup both are enabled, i even went so far as to reinstall the UI. Nothing. It's like it's not reading the addons but i have them enabled.

Anonymous said...

Got it all working perfectly. Thank you again for your patience and hard work. :D

Tsweet said...

I can't seem to find a place where i can move the buffs. On my resolution they are a bit lower than I'd like. It's the only thing I have had real trouble moving, I just don't see an option in buffalo?

Is there one or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks for all your work on this, your definatley going above and beyond what most people would in your situation.

Daedhir said...

To move the buffs, you open up the buffalo options and there should be a way to unlock the bars. Then you can move them freely.

Not sure about resizing the buffs themselves, but I know you can change the padding etc.

wburn said...

Works like a charm for me...Love the UI.

Anonymous said...

For some reason my bags come up about a 1/4 of the wasy in from the right of the screen (i.e. they are not flush with the right side.) If I open up all my bags at a bank they overlap. Any way to fix this? I'm super impressed with this UI setup!

Ripso said...

I had the same issue with the bags. Clicking "Reset All" in the Fluid Frames config fixed it for me.

Speaking of the bags, it seems I cannot highlight the ContainerFrame* itself using Fluid Frames. Thus making it impossible to move the bags. I can highlight the child frames without problems.

And thanks for the compilation Daedhir, it had many useful addons that I didn't know about!

Anonymous said...

Sure enough, the fluid frame reset fixed it. Thanks! I had a question about using Buffalo over the Pitbull buffs/debuffs? Any reason for one over the other? I've been goofing around with it a bit and the Pitbull ones seem like they have trouble keeping up with your own buffs. In one instance, I can't even get the buffs to show on my pally. Is this the reason for using Buffalo?

tofer said...

There you go. not widescreen tho, had to remake few things.

It would be really cool to see solution to the system messages, I cannot see any at all right now, like out of range and so on :)

Daedhir said...

Okay, I figured out that the error message suppression comes from a bug in the OnEvent function of nQuestLog.

For now, I'd recommend disabling it. The authors of this addon seem to be updating a bit slower than many. A working version will be in the next DaedhirUI version.

Daedhir said...

Nice layout, Tofer.

I'd recommend checking your Chatter settings, which can be accessed from the tabs on your chat frame. You have backgrounds and borders enabled for your chat frames, and this overlaps the ones that are provided via eePanels.

Of course, maybe you intended this and if that's the case, ignore this comment. :)

Daedhir said...

Trunks, I use Buffalo partially because it's what I've used for a long time and because it's simple and accomplished the need for a decent buff frame addon.

Some people like to have buff bars and stuff, I'm not a huge fan. I prefer simple buff frames, but the blizzard default ones are not easy to move and are not skinnable. I like the eye candy, so that just won't work for me.

tofer said...

Aye, the black background is intended. I find it bit difficult to read the chat with that transparent background (Which still have a good look tho.

I really like how you did the eepanels for all the buffs and frames. I would recommend adding a working timer for spells and dots / abilities in your next version tho. I am using Dotimer my self, tho dont like it that much.

tofer said...

Btw, here is weird thing: I keep on standing up when I press eat. If I press eat one more time, it goes fine tho. I believe this is something add-on related, since none else is having this problem.

Daedhir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daedhir said...

Hmm, that doesn't happen to me, Tofer, no idea what's causing that.

Also, if the background on the chat panel is too light or transparent, you can just change the background texture for the associated eePanel, which should be the "chat" panel for the one on the left. I have included LOTS of background textures, you should be able to find one you like in there, or add more (look in the Interface\Addons\SharedMedia folder for how to add more textures.)

As for DoT timers, I use ClassTimer, but it's not really functional yet (as of last Wednesday or so.) Once it works, I will add it, as it's the best one I have found.

Again, another addon that will be in DaedhirUI 1.0, and another reason why we're in beta right now. /sigh

tofer said...

Its no problem at all man, just said my toughs out loud. Yours UI is really great, and it would be stupid to wait for everything to work perfect, special now when new patch came and most addons are broken.

Really looking forward next version.

Brian said...

First of all, thanks for the effort you've put forth on this UI. It's very slick looking and has a lot of that "extra" functionality you want hidden behind the scenes as well.

I've got a question as to where I would look to have the debuffs/DOTs show up on the Target frame. Us Affliction Warlocks like seeing what's up there and when it's going to disappear, and it seems like it's only ever the first DOT/Debuff that shows up in the target frame. If anyone could point me along the way to which AddOn is controlling that, I would be much appreciated.

Daedhir said...

Again, there's a Pitbull bug that is messing up with warlocks in the current version of the UI.

I plan to have a new version up soon, with completely updated and functional addons. Some of them are admittedly buggy right now.

Read previous comments for details.

Brian said...

Doh, must have just glazed over that one in the comments. Thanks for already being aware of it. ;)

badjoke said...

What addon creates that small quest window on the right of the screen?

Daedhir said...


Amoryn said...

I'm definitely not WoW-savvy. Would you mind explaining how I should place the unzipped files into the WoW directory, and how to change the actual interface to your personal settings once the Add-Ons are in the directory. (as explained in this post, but I'm slow when it comes to this).

Thank you. :)

Daedhir said...

Well, there's some more info in the README, did you take a look at that? It's in the ZIP file you downloaded.

As I've said, this is the beta of the UI, and I plan to have good (or at least better) instructions included for the real release, which should hopefully be next week sometime.

If the readme doesn't answer your questions, please ask again and I'll try to help you out.

Drew said...

On your front page shot of the UI, what is the spell bar on the upper left corner? And please for the love of god, tell me how to deal with it

Justin said...

I noticed that your compilation causes my game to freeze up. Any idea why?

Daedhir said...

Drew: Not sure what you're talking about. Are you talking about the buffs in the top left corner, or the bar that goes along the top of the screen?

The buff mod is Buffalo, and you can access its config UI through the Ace2 config. The bar across the top is FuBar.

Justin: Sorry, I have no idea what could be causing your crash. I'll have a new version of the UI up for download soon, so you might just try that and see if it's better.

BOB said...

I cant seem to open the CONFIG.txt folder. Any ideas?