Friday, October 17, 2008

DaedhirUI 0.1(.2)

Okay, folks. Come and get it. DaedhirUI 0.1 beta. (EDIT: 0.1.2 is the latest revision, removed some personal info and added some default profiles for various mods)

Read the README. It's late, so if I get a chance, I'll post some more info about what you might need to do to get it working sometime Friday.

Please don't forget to back up your Interface and WTF folders.

And I hope y'all enjoy this.

Oh, I should also mention that if your fonts look different than mine do, that's because they are! Unfortunately the fonts I use are not, as far as I know, redistributable. So I will try to find some free fonts so that you can get it looking right.


Gudd said...

Nice looking UI - great work. As probably expected it looks a little messed up right now when loaded on my machine, either at 1680 x 1050 or at my normal 1600 x 1000.

Time to start digging into all these addons and settings and stuff I think. Will start digging tonight and see what there is to be learnt!

Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

I love you Deadhir! ;)
Great work mate. Really impressed with your work. I love the UI. Thnx for putting it up :-)

mattay said...

damn i love that ui :)

Doesnt even need much customization even though in run on a 1200 x 800 setup, which pleasantly surprised me :)

illutionz said...

I got some questions to ask

1. Check link below.

What are these two bars below my player's name and how can I disable it... it's really annoying and it's covered up by my action bars anyway. And the casting bar is already up there...

2. How do I move the 3D portrait because I use SHIFT + CLICK but it won't move... I want to move it up a little because I have more than 3 bars

Thank you very much

Andrew Justice said...

your beta is great. still need to config somthings but thanks for all the hard work! Note- your username for the game showed up in the logon screen and your friends names where in the recount box.
You should change your logon, or get an aunthenticater.

adam said...

Amazing job. One question, I cant see BG Text when wanting to enter a BG...other NPC text works fine...anyone know a solution?

Daedhir said...

Those bars are the cast bars, Quartz. You can disable that if you have the regular cast bars, but Quartz will tell you your lag so you know when to clip a spell. I find it useful, obviously feel free to get rid of it.

Second, use /zmc config and there should be a place where you can unlock and move the portrait frames.

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure what all I needed to get rid of to lose the personal info, I hadn't thought about Recount or my acct name.. I'll have to find where that is saved!

And yeah, I have an authenticator. :)

Daedhir said...

And I'm not sure, but BigWigs might be broken. I'll test it in a raid tonight. Might have something to do with your BG text, I'm not much of a PVPer.

agit8d said...

Hey! Great work. As I don't have a widescreen, I'm still messing around with the layout a bit, and I have one little issue.

I can't tell which addon shows that 2nd casting bar above Dominos' bars. It definitely isn't Quartz, and I thought I'd ask before disabling addons one by one...


Daedhir said...

That's actually Dominos. I notice you're playing a warrior. Dominos wasn't set up correctly for warriors in the initial build, although it looks like you've done lots of customization yourself. I just turn off the Dominos cast bar module.

If you want to try re-downloading the UI and trying again, there should now be a good default profile for warriors. All classes, in fact.

There are 10 of them, right? lol

Daedhir said...

Oh, and you can also open up the profiles for Dominos and copy the profile from the Priest or Warlock class profiles. These work okay in the initial build, I think.

ru said...

Any idea why my layout looks like this:

I assume it's something with Pitbull, but haven't a clue how to correct it.

agit8d said...

Duh, obvious. And to think I moved the bar there myself, haha. Thanks a bunch!

Daedhir said...

type /zmc config to move and resize the 3D portraits, ru. That's all that really seems to be out of place on your setup.

Daedhir said...

You also might want to turn off the target of target ZMC frame. You can do this through /zmc config as well, and then when you lock the frames the panels around them should appear.

adam said...

Ah thanks so much yeah, it was BigWigs. Now it is Perfect. :D Wonderful setup

badjoke said...

Thank you SO much for posting this. We very much appreciate the time you've spent on this.

A couple questions:

First, how do I move Quartz bars?

Secondly, eePanels is not wrapping Recount with your borders. Everything else works great and I set recount to Default Profile. Any ideas?

Daedhir said...

In Quartz, you have to unlock the bars individually. The options are with the other Ace2 ones.

The panel will appear at the back of recount once you do some damage and get some bars on it. The panel has to attach to the top bar, and when it's not there, the panel is hidden.

tofer said...

Hey Deadhir! Really great ui! I enjoy it all the way, however I got one problem. Buffs / debuffs display above target is bugged, it display very rare. What addon takes care of the buffs shown above target, and where exactly do I adjust them? Thanks alot!

I have enabled buffs / debuffs in auras in pitbull, it didnt help.

tofer said...

Also, I just noticed, none of error messages are displayed, like when bank is full.. what does trigger that?

tofer said...

Oh, and what addon takes care of raid frames look and feel? thanks alot and sorry for all the questions!

Daedhir said...

The raid frames are Pitbull.

I'm not sure about the error messages. I noticed that they were missing too, but I haven't figured out which addon it is yet.

As for the target buffs/debuffs, that is Pitbull as well, the Aura module. Did you happen to update pitbull? There was a file I had to manually fix myself to get it working, as some of the spell numbers have changed. I think Warlocks are still messed up in fact.

There might be a new version of Pitbull out soon.

These kinds of problems are why my UI is in beta right now.. Once they are all fixed, as far as I can tell, DaedhirUI 1.0 will be released.

For now you are all simply my guinea pigs. :)

tofer said...

Updated it, and debuffs now works! (Im a lock btw).
Thank -)

Justin said...

Hey Deadhir!

Thanks for your beta work! I think your ideas are exactly what I was looking for, however, I found that when I'm in 1900X1200 Wide (or any other video setting) I have this flickering effect with shadows (I saw the trees and other building shadows flickering last night in SW).

Any ideas? Thanks again!

Daedhir said...

No idea about shadow flickering, shadows look fine on my computer.

I don't know anything in the UI that would affect that anyway..