Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick status update

Well, just thought I'd provide a quick update.

I patched up my live client and opened WoW to see what this decided to do to my layout. Unfortunately, it was as terrible as I had expected.

The pic is where I got it. It's almost there, but I didn't have time to zip everything up and post it. Sorry about that, I know some of you are waiting very patiently.

My guild and I are going to try raiding tonight, and after that is the Presidential debate (for those of you in the US.) I will likely have a few minutes to get something posted up late tonight, so you guys can play with it tomorrow.

It will, however, be a sort of "early adopter's" version, in that I won't provide a whole lot of instruction as to what you need to do to get it working. Turns out that many addon authors these days are doing per-character configuration by default, so creating a new toon (or getting the UI to work on a different toon) can be a hassle getting all of the mods working correctly. At this point, the biggest culprits are Recount and Dominos. I'm also contemplating switching back to Bartender4, but I want to experiment with the roll bar on Dominos before I chuck it.

Anyway, I will make another post as soon as I have the UI packaged up. And again, thanks for the interest!


Snuckey said...

Thanks for the update Daedhir. For what it's worth, I'm willing to give you some feedback on whatever you get posted if you're interested. Just let me know what the proper forum for giving you that feedback is.

Christopher said...


I'm very interested in your project, as I've been tweaking my interface for months to arrive at a design that looks very similar to yours. One question I have in particular is what you have used for your experience bar - is that the standard bartender bar, or another add? By the time I scale mine, it's so small I hardly see the point of doing it. Thanks for putting this together.

Daedhir said...

Hey, about the XP bar, I'm currently using Dominos instead of Bartender. Dominos is the new addon by the author of Bongos. I like its config options, although I kinda miss the bar texture from the original XP bar. With its current form, you can't really say "I'm 3 bars from 70!" or something similar.

By the way, I will have time this evening to get a rough UI packaged up and posted. Last night I got busy with setting up my new TV. :)