Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If your UI looks weird after patch 4.0.3...

Go into your video settings once you have loaded a character in game.  You will need to re-enable the UI scale feature by checking the box.  Hit Apply, and everything should be back where it was.  You may have to move DockingStation back to where it was.

Hope everybody's enjoying the new content in game.


Matthew said...

The UI scale is fixed but none of the boarder graphics are showing up. Like the circle around the mini map, or the boarders around the character HP and MP.

Daedhir said...

That's very odd. Make sure kgpanels is loaded. Not sure why else that would happen.

JGerardi said...

Just dloaded your suite, very nice.
Had one question, every time a move the cursor over a player or NPC, an info box pops up in the middle of the screen (health, quest info, etc.). I have no idea what mod it is or how to disable/move it.

Trunks2560 said...

If anyone is having problems with their tooltips where they weren't able to get any item information, try downloading the new version of TipTacs. Made the UI playable for me again.

Daedhir said...

JGerardi, I'm not sure what that is. Probably TipTac, but there's no reason I can think of as to why it'd put stuff in the middle of the screen.

FYI, I plan to make a UI update this week whenever I get some time to do it.

the_artist said...

Been having some trouble with the Shaman totem bar messing up; the earth totem slot wont show any totems.
Any suggestions?

Andreas said...


Ive just a have a question to your party pitbull config. You've created some borders around the 5 man party members in the PitBull addon. I disabled grid, it mades some funny stuff that i can't resolve....anyhow i will show in 10 man raids all party members but the last 5 get no border araound their icon :( how do you create that borders??

Kind regards & love your UI
Quasondrix - Ysera (EU)

Daedhir said...

Sorry for not getting back to you all. Holidays, work, , etc.

@the_artist: Uploading a new version, try it out and see if it's fixed.

@Andreas: I did each border panel manually using kgPanels. You're more than welcome to mess with them. Type /kgpanels config.

Yes, it's a bit overwhelming, but I should have examples in there, unless I messed something up.