Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update version 3.0.1 released

I've put another update on WoWInterface.  This one has some nice new bells and whistles, and I was able to incorporate some of the crucial addons that were missing.  We have our trade skill window back now, and I've included a new auction addon, Auctionator.  I like it so far.

I've also switched to Deus Vox Encounters after having it recommended to me by a few people.  I like it so far.  If you miss BigWigs, you can obviously download it from curse.

I've also written a new addon, just submitted to wowace, that is included with the new version.  If you're a Boomkin, Paladin, or Warlock you'll notice it right away. :)  I'll post links to my addons (I've written three now!) once this one's been approved.

You can find the new UI here, as usual.

Enjoy with your favorite frosty beverage.


Erdrick said...

Love the fact that you're on top of updating your UI =). Thanks a ton! Any chance you could post some pics of your latest UI in a group and/or raid setting? Would like to see how you have grid positioned (spent a lot of time tweaking your previous release so I'm hesitant to upgrade just yet).

Also, is there any purpose to the icon in the right side of the button grid that looks like an hourglass in the middle of the column that the right gryphon is sitting on? I really liked having presence/stance/form buttons in that column and that button seems to throw off the aesthetic and I'd like to remove it if there's no purpose for it.

Thanks again man, ever since your first release, been a faithful user of your UI as a base for mine, keep up the great work =).

Erdrick said...

Hehe, nevermind about the button, figured it out. Durp. (It's the smartbuff button)

Trunks2560 said...

Another great update. I only have two comments at the moment:

1. Auctioneer vs. Auctionator, until Acutioneer is updated this is kind of moot, however I did have fun playing with Auctionator. I still think Auctioneer is a much better Add-on if you like to play the "Auction House" mini game. It just does so much more than Auctionator seems to do. On the other hand, maybe I'm missing something with Auctionator. For me though, I've kind of come to rely upon Auctioneers disenchant mat price feature. Still, for a basic auction add-on, auctionator is neat.

2. Have you gone away from using Class Timers? Seems like the new UI is just tracking number countdown on the target frame. I'm just wondering how that is working for you trying to track Dots/Hots on a target.

3. Scrolling Combat text: Does anyone else find that it will pretty much take over their screen when they are healed? I play a resto druid and if I put a couple hots on my toon he'll pretty much dissapper into a wall of text. Maybe it is just 4.0 or being over sensitive to the new UI, but I don't remember this happening before. It's not horriable, it's just weird. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this come up? Seems like a shadow priest would be the next likely toon that would see issues what with all the mana and life ticks.

Erdrick said...

@Trunks2560: The wall of text issue was a problem pre 4.0 for me when I was tanking. It was especially bad when tanking a raid with a resto-druid healer XD. Any ways, I got to where on all my toons, I just untick healing done to me in both the default floating combat text as well as SCT.

Daedhir said...

So with SCT, I think you need to do "reflux switch Default" and that should take care of it. SCT is pretty much the only mod I use now that doesn't deal with profiles in an intelligent way, which is really annoying. I tried switching to Parrot, but I wasn't able to get it configured quite as well, and it was throwing Lua errors. I might try it out again to see if I can get it configured the way I like, since it uses the Ace profile system, which is way better than the ad-hoc system they're using.

I hate spammy scrolling text as much as the next guy... Did you both do the reflux step?

As for ClassTimers, again, yeah I'm planning to use it, but it wasn't updated at the time when I made the UI release. I haven't had a chance to check on that yet. If you kept your old config around, you should be able to copy the saved variables file over and use it. I just checked, and there is a new version available.

I agree that Auctioneer is better if you do a lot of auction house trading. I just don't spend a whole lot of time doing that, so I think Auctionator is better for me. And it does also tell you the disenchant price for stuff, as far as I can tell.

At any rate, once Auctioneer is finally updated, I think you could just install Enchantrix by itself if you want the enchanting mats stuff added to your tooltip. Personally, Auctionator is just the sort of simple thing I've been looking for, since I'm not so financially savvy.

Erdrick said...

Yes, I've done the reflux step. I've come to know and love Reflux ever since finding out about it with the first revision of your UI =P.

Any ways, I have different needs for SCT based on the toon's main job so I tweak it all the time. Tanks? I want to see damage taken, absorbs, misses, dodges, parries, etc. Healers? Don't care about any SCT really since I'm paying so much attention to Grid. DPS? Just damage taken so I know when to get out of the fire =P.

Erdrick said...

Hey Daedhir, just wondering if you knew what was hiding the new raid frame control panel? I can't seem to find access to raid flares and the like with this UI active.


Daedhir said...

That should be Grid hiding that stuff. I'm working on a solution for having the flare UI.

Daedhir said...

Actually, this should help: