Thursday, December 11, 2008

An update on updates.

I know a fair number of people are waiting on an update of the UI. Fact is, there are few addons I'm missing at the moment in order to update, and there have been good changes to a lot of them. I'm only waiting at the moment on an update from the Auctioneer folks that will contain the WoWhead info pertaining to vendor prices and such. For the moment, I have another addon that provides this, and if Auctioneer isn't updated by the time the new patch (3.0.7, on the PTR as of today) is out, I'll include the current stable version of Auctioneer along with this other addon, SellFish.

I have not forgotten about you guys, nor will I. :)


Trunks2560 said...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you are doing. This UI scheme has really changed the way I play. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daedhir! Thanks for providing this awsome UI. Ever since you published it I downloaded it and installed it according to the guidelines given. I then noticed a severe dropback in fps in 25 man instances where my fps would drop to less than 3 fps which was undoable to play. I still had another UI that I liked from before patch 3.0, but it was ofcourse broken. so I updated all the addons and used certain parts from your UI and addons and now it works great. It almost looks like yours with slight differences. I took out Zuxana/ZModDB (nice addon but don't really need it) and replaced Buffalo with Elkano's Buffbars (this cuz I didn't get to see the debuff on Thaddius in Naxx, with EBB I do get to see it)
The Pitbull layout and the buttonskinning and Domino's I still use, which still gives me the feeling I play with your UI. ;)
Anyway, would you know what might have caused this tremendous drop in fps by using your UI as you designed it?

Daedhir said...

Hmm, that is odd, rene. I haven't done any 25s since the xpac came out, although I did a couple before, but with the current UI. If I ever get this problem, I'll have to troubleshoot it.

It very well could have been Zuxana/ZMobDB that does it. I probably would have tried disabling the mods one by one to see if that improved the situation.

I've also been getting a crash that randomly happens, and it seems that the UI might have something to do with it. Some sort of memory allocation issue.

Glad you're enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daedhir! Thnx for the prompt reply. Yeah I think Zuxana/ZMobDB might have something to do with it. But I figured that out after I remade the UI. At any rate, I am quite happy with it now. I think reinstalling my Windows after running the same one for over 3 years might do some good for my fps i m sure ;-)
Keep up the good work mate. It's one of the nicest UI's I have come across so far :-)

Crisis said...

Just wanted to post a pic of your ui modified to run at 1920x1200. Made a few changes but over all its the same. Thanks for the great ui and I look forward tot he updated version :)

KC said...

I think your UI looks great and wanted to try it out. I didn't get the readme or install notes in the zip file from wowinterface though. Is it possible to get those?

Daedhir said...
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Daedhir said...

Well, I just downloaded the UI from WoWInterface, and the files are there, in the top-level folder in the zip file.

Try re-downloading it.