Friday, March 13, 2009

Okay, I'm really sorry I haven't gotten a new version up in a while. Been busy in RL, and the time I have to play is pretty much devoted to raiding.

I'll try to get a new package up this weekend. There still aren't a whole lot of changes to the UI, and I'm currently working on getting it up and running (with stability) on the PTR so that we'll have a hot, fresh UI working for 3.1 on release of the patch. There are still some bugs on that front, as not a lot of addon developers seem to be messing with the PTR yet. I'm hoping and assuming that this will happen soon.

I'm also trying to pare down the UI into its most essential elements. I kept getting complaints from people that the UI makes things slow down too much, so I'm trying to minimize the number of addons in the UI package by default. This will give everybody the essentials (and the layouts, graphics, etc.) but will allow people to add whatever other utility addons they might need.

Again, really sorry to those of you who are waiting for an updated version. I even had somebody come find me in game to ask me to do this. (Wow.) This is just a hobby of mine, but I'll try to be better about updates.

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Brent said...

No worries, thanks for all your effort so far! I've been using your first version for weeks and I love it!